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Heart's Journey

By Linda Hoover


In June, 1880, newlyweds Jacob and Julia go to Iowa to fulfill Jacob’s dream of having his own farm. Their original plans fall apart when they get there, and Jacob wonders, will he be able to keep the promise he made to Julia and her family?

Jacob and Julia spend much time in prayer, and God provides a better plan. Now, upper-class Julia allows herself to consider her role. She’s never been in a kitchen, let alone on a farm. How will she manage their home?

After many mishaps, Julia asks a neighbor for help, and gains confidence as she learns to cook, garden and handle other household duties.
Jacob and Julia grow closer, but a personal loss for Julia triggers a disagreement leading to estrangement and deeper issues Jacob must confront. Can their faith in God bring forgiveness and reconciliation?

Book Takeaway:

Life seldom goes the way you expect. You have to hold on to your faith in God and trust his leading.

Why the author wrote this book:

Heart's Journey is book two in the Heart's Desire series so it follows the characters on the path they chose at the end of the first book. It was further opportunity to show the need for trust and dependence on God.


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