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Thatcher... and so it Begins

By Cheryl S. Birch


One day in the innocuous farming village of Thatcher, a baby girl is born—not just any baby girl, but one of destiny and purpose unlike anything seen in hundreds of years. Her arrival sets into motion a series of unusual and far-reaching events as powerful unseen forces of good and evil wage war over her and the future of her people which hangs in the balance.
Thatcher: And So It Begins by Cheryl S. Birch is an exciting allegorical tale which transports readers into a world of fantasy and the supernatural. The Glorious One and His Guardians stand against the Prince of Darkness, Ev Ilone, and his Familiars as they seek to invade Peaceful Land, overthrow King Harmony, and destroy the child, who is the first Shining Warrior in 300 years. Neleh and Zenry, the last two believers in Thatcher, work to protect the child and hundreds more born after her as they have been tasked by The Glorious One’s Son, Iam.

Book Takeaway:

My prayer is that this book inspires the reader to look at the things of life from a spiritual perspective knowing that Father God loves them and has a perfect plan for their life. In fact, in the midst of the most challenging and stressful circumstances He is working out everything for their good.

Why the author wrote this book:

While re-reading the classic Pilgrim’s Progress in 2006, I began to see and hear another story as the world of Thatcher came to me in whole scenes, complete with dialogue. The routines and responsibilities of life caused delays, but retirement and the COVID lockdown provided the opportunity for this book’s completion. It's first in a trilogy. All are meant to be inspiring stories that illustrates how easily worldly pursuits and things of darkness can take our focus away from God, confusing and even trapping our souls, but the story also is a reminder that God always has a plan for our deliverance. With Him, there is always hope, and He never gives up on sharing the good news of salvation and freedom through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.


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