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The Average

By Hope Adaire


What we see as average could be extraordinary in someone else's eyes.

Seventeen-year-old Marcie Williams believes she is just average. Nothing special. After finding out that her boyfriend wasn't really her boyfriend, she's sworn off dating. With her self confidence shattered, all she wants is to forget that terrible event ever happened, and do the one thing that makes her feel special; Working alongside her friends at the old blue bent and dent store she loves. The last thing she needs is some new guy inserting himself into her life, and trying to uncover her secrets.

Eighteen-year-old Daniel Barrett left home to visit his Uncle Jeb so he could figure out just what it is God wants him to do with his life. Without his parents' overwhelming opinions drowning him, and his best friend Lowden by his side, things start to look up. But he never imagined that he'd fall head over heels for Marcie at first sight, or how God would use her to give him the direction he's so desperately seeking. If only that direction didn't mean possible pain for his family...

But nothing is as it seems at Big Ted's Big Bargains, and soon both Marcie and Daniel find themselves stumbling upon secrets, and getting caught up in a danger neither of them ever saw coming.

Book Takeaway:

Jesus makes us beautiful.


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