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More Than Grit

By Gretchen Carlson


When do secrets become lies? When is grit not enough?
A story of broken lives and deep friendship, inspired by true events in 1939, when the shadows of World War II lengthened.

Scarred by burns from a kerosene lantern, twelve-year old Sissy knows electricity is more than her farm family’s dream. It’s vital. She also knows they can’t afford the required deposit to be connected to electric lines, so she wrangles a secret deal to help her parents. As she faces danger and sacrifices to support her family, Sissy’s best efforts fail. She’s blind to what she needs most, and when she tells her secrets, she fears it’s too late.

Set in Kansas farmland, More than Grit is an unforgettable story of determination to succeed against all odds that will appeal to middle-grade and teen readers, their parents, and anyone who roots for the underdog.

Award winning author Gretchen Carlson fills her characters with grit and grace as she shares the story her grandmother kept secret.

Book Takeaway:

Grace and strength are found through community.


Year Title Description
2017 First Impressions First five pages of manuscript
2017 First Impressions First five pages of manuscript

Why the author wrote this book:

I hope to inspire middle grade and teen readers that they can impact communities and make a difference.


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