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Escape From Amsterdam

By Lauralee Bliss


Helen Smit believed she was called by God to become a teacher. Little does she know that her care for kids will take a drastic turn for survival when the Germans occupy Amsterdam and Jewish children and parents begin to be deported. Now all she can think of is helping children escape before it’s too late.

Erik Misman’s newfound love for Helen is tested when he joins a plot to help move Jewish children to a safe place in the countryside. If danger can foster a closer bond with Helen and save the lives of the little ones, he will do it all. But a German patrol that stumbles upon the farm where they are hiding with three children and a soldier who takes an unexpected interest in Helen, could well destroy their plans for safety and love.

Book Takeaway:

Even those of humble means can be of great use in God's kingdom to accomplish extraordinary things.

Why the author wrote this book:

Escape from Amsterdam honors those that paid the ultimate price in WWII Holland to rescue Jewish children from the Nazis before they were deported to camps including Auschwitz.


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