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With all my Heart - Discerning God's Best BOOK 2

By Heidi Gray McGill


Pete Manning moved to the western frontier in 1860 to avoid the law. Cleared of all wrongdoing, he longs to make his house a home. The one thing missing is the woman he met two years before and never forgot. He knew then that she was the one, but he hadn’t been brave enough to offer her his heart. Now, she and her people have moved on, leaving Pete alone with his regrets.

When Pete’s independent niece shows up unexpectedly, Lizzie’s desire to live outside society’s norms injects new energy and goals into Pete’s predictable life. Instead of simply surviving, performing daily chores, and ingesting barely edible food, Lizzy pushes Pete to make something of his land and himself.

But even when the woman of his dreams returns, love and happiness still seem out of reach.

Despised and rejected by her tribe, Singing Bird flees with her son, seeking shelter in the only place they have ever felt welcomed, appreciated, and protected. But in doing so, she places herself near the one man she has tried to forget. Despite her love for him, she knows he could never forgive her past.

Accepting love after rejection is a journey of its own.

“Through the twists and turns of this remarkable journey of faith, you’ll realize how alike we all are in our resistance to accept needed change, even when it leads to a better life.” – Amazon Reviewer.

Book Takeaway:

We all are alike in our pursuit of understanding God's love for us and our longing to be loved.

Why the author wrote this book:

By the time I'd finished my debut novel, "Desire of my Heart," I knew I had to tell Singing Bird's story. A strong Arapaho Indian, she captured me with her internal beauty.

Singing Bird's past is full of abuse and loss. Her tribe misjudged her because of her quiet, almost hidden strength and intelligence. She soon realizes this is not enough, so she seeks a savior to help her and her young son. She thinks Pete is the answer but learns of her need for the true Savior through the kindness of friends.

Writing this book had me confronting my personal loss and the yearnings of my heart.

I trust you will enjoy the adventure.


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