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Secret Guilt

By Lynne Waite Chapman


Some secrets are meant to be kept. Buried. Unfortunately, if you dig too hard, they resurface.

I’m Liberty Cassell, small town girl, living in Twin Fawn, Indiana. Everybody knows everybody else in this little burg. No secrets. Smalltown living suits me just fine. As the daughter of a beloved mail carrier and the town librarian, who the whole town depends on, I couldn’t be in a safer space.

I work in the local hardware store. Easy work. No stress. Doesn’t pay much, but it provides everything I need. My motto: Live simply. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

The only possible downside of smalltown living is the lack of privacy. No secrets. Some find that disturbing, but I find it comforting. Safe.
At least I found it comforting. Recently, small things have begun to disrupt my peaceful existence.

There may be one mystery that has evaded me for years. I just hope I don’t regret digging into it. It seems that some secrets lie dormant for a lifetime. When truth is exposed, my world may be changed forever.

Book Takeaway:

We all have a past. Truth and repentance releases us from the weight of a guilt.

Why the author wrote this book:

I love a mystery. Mysteries don't have to be sad or evil. A good story can have suspense as well as a godly message.


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