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A time for Singing

By Carol James


Charlee Bennett is running from her past. Once deserted by her musician ex-fiancé, she's vowed to avoid anything that reminds her of the pain of his betrayal.

Chance Jackson is starting over. Hoping to redeem the mistakes of his earlier life, he wants to become the music and worship pastor of the largest church in Crescent Bluff.

Charlee tries to convince herself she should not be attracted to Chance. But then she discovers an old letter hidden in the secret drawer of an antique desk. The pain expressed by its author resonates deep within her.

Can the words of long ago soften Charlee's heart and help her to discover that there is a time for singing?

Book Takeaway:

This is a beautiful story of two people overcoming past mistakes and hurts to find God’s redeeming love. All of us have failed. All of us need redemption.

Why the author wrote this book:

One year on vacation, my husband and I stayed at Longfellow's Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA. While there, we discovered drawers full of letters written by members of the Secret Drawer Society. I was struck by the thought of how interesting it would be to have two characters writing secret letters to one another without knowing the recipient's identity and hiding them in a drawer in an inn. A Time for Singing was born.


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