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When the Ice Melts

By Ashlyn McKayla Ohm


Competitive figure skater Addisyn Miles has been running her whole life—both from her overprotective sister Avery and toward her dream of competing in the Olympics. Despite the compromises she’s made along the way, her future has never looked brighter—until a single moment shatters not only her dearest hopes but also her relationship with the man for whom she sacrificed her principles. In search of answers, Addisyn escapes to Whistler, Canada, where she meets Darius Payne, a lonely man with a crushing secret. But when Darius’s past threatens their relationship and Addisyn receives an unexpected invitation to return to the world she left behind, they’re both confronted by the truth they may not be brave enough to face.

Meanwhile, heartbroken by her younger sister’s rejection, Avery Miles has uprooted her life and relocated to Estes Park, Colorado. There, she seeks to bury her painful memories in the peace of the mountains—and the love of the God Who made them. She’s struggled to erase Addisyn from her thoughts entirely, but then she comes face-to-face with an unwelcome bit of her past—someone who poses the ultimate threat to Addisyn. Haunted by her own darkest fears, Avery must summon the courage to love her sister again—and find her before the clock runs out.

Compelling and captivating, When the Ice Melts is a story of broken dreams, desperate decisions, and the relentless grace of a love that never lets go.

Book Takeaway:

The love of God never lets go.

Why the author wrote this book:

When something on which we've based our identities is removed, who are we really? That's the question I wrote this book to explore. In the process, I discovered that sometimes, losing our dreams means finding ourselves.


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