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By Hannah Mae


For millenniums, angels like Captain Jediah had waged war against their former brethren: the demons. As Keeper of the Abyss, it's his duty to ensure Appolyon's army remains imprisoned until the end of the age. Unfortunately, despite all that God had entrusted him with, Jediah is plagued by an unceasing guilt. It drives him to thirst for Christ's redemptive power, but there's one glaring problem. He's not human. God's gift of salvation is meant for mankind alone.

When God appoints him to lead a task force of five wildly different angels to capture two dangerous demons, Jediah ponders if his return to earth might be his only chance to learn what the core of human salvation truly is. however, one of Jediah’s angels hides a secret agenda, and Jediah’s dark past is hellbent on hunting him down too.

Can Jediah risk everything for the relief he's desperate for? Or should he even bother chasing what he cannot have at all? What does living redeemed mean?

Book Takeaway:

This story is based on 1 Peter 1:10-12. Angels cannot experience redemption in Christ. They look at redeemed Christians and marvel at such a gift. How often do we take that for granted? Do most of us even understands what it truly means to live a redeemed life? And do we ever consider how God simultaneously glorifies Himself to two broken worlds—the visible and the invisible? It is my hope and prayer that this book will be eyeopening and a blessing to others. I’d like non-Christians to be genuinely entertained and maybe get a view of God that they hadn’t seen before. As for Christians, I’d like them to walk away with an enriched understanding of the spiritual world and acquire a deeper appreciation for the salvation they have in Christ.


Year Title Description
2021 ACFW First Impressions FIRST IMPRESSIONS gives unpublished writers the opportunity to have the first five pages of their Christian fiction manuscript evaluated by an industry professional.

Why the author wrote this book:

Eight years ago, I conducted a three month long Bible Study on angels in preparation for a story. I planned it for a videogame. The intent was to utilize and present these heavenly beings in as Biblically respectful, Biblically plausible, and Biblically compatible a way as possible. What resulted was a story that not only challenged my own faith to grow, but generated a story so enjoyably unique, people kept asking me to turn it into a book. Eight years of hard work later, Celestial has come to be.


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