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When Legends Rise

By Daphne Self


He is now one of them.

Genetically altered... Designed to kill... Trained to eradicate...

Until he became more.

Juliet 7-A was the top elite assassin for the Global Federated Territories until an ambush deemed him unsalvageable.

He was scheduled for decommission. His only recourse for survival is a new identity and his search for the one friend he had--a friend who deserted him.

Those he once hunted will save him. Yet it comes with a price. A price that demands much of him.

What happens when an assassin awakens?


Year Title Description
2023 Firebird Book Award International quarterly writing competition with a charitable twist

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this to show that no matter how severe the sin, Christ is there to offer salvation for those who come to Him.


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