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Paper Dolls

By Kara R. Hunt


Paper can be torn and dolls can break.

So can humans.

Kite Tanner, a widow, struggles with the sudden loss of her husband.

Priscilla Martin, the minister’s daughter, pursues money and men with passion.

Lydia Dooley, a prayer-warrior, battles a brain tumor and a daughter who can’t forget the sins of her mother’s past.

Eve Stanton, a talented Christian singer and songwriter, is brought to her knees when the truth about her marriage is revealed.

Mary Rabin, kidnapped from her front yard at the age of eight, returns forty years later to reunite with the family and friends she’d fought for decades to find her way back to.

The bonds of family and friendship are tested.

Will the women’s faith in God and each other stand the test of time? Or will it crumple like paper?

Book Takeaway:

Trusting God


Year Title Description
2022 AWSA Golden Scroll Award Christian Fiction Category


"This story had twists I didn’t see coming, lock-tight friendships, complex relationships, and well-placed humor."
- Jericha on March 24, 2022

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