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Obedient Unto Death

By Liisa Eyerly


Sinister forces are at work to destroy the fledgling Christian faith in Ephesus, and Sabina is in their way.

A young scribe is murdered during a covert Christian worship service. Sabina, a member of this outlawed religion, can’t believe a member of this new faith could be the killer. But when her Roman magistrate father arrests the church bishop for murder, she reluctantly admits all is not brotherly love and harmony among the faithful.

Racing to stop the bishop’s imminent execution, Sabina plunges into the private world of the dead scribe, searching for proof of the bishop’s innocence. Mystery, intrigue, and betrayal meet her at every turn. Will she discover the truth in time, or will she be thrown in prison herself for her faith in Christ?

Book Takeaway:

Christians have struggled from the beginning of the church with many of the same issues we deal with today. God uses those struggles to build his church. He was faithful then as he is today.

Why the author wrote this book:

Obedient unto Death started as a question, actually many questions. When did the Apostles die? What was going on in the early Christian church after the Apostles died? I was curious about Paul’s descriptions of power struggles within the church and what kind of people would risk torture to defy the Roman Empire? Answers led to more questions and ultimately to my novel.


"Treachery and intrigue in ancient Ephesus abound in this remarkable debut novel."
- Naomi on March 10, 2022

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