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Wilderness Wife

By Delores Topliff


Marguerite Wadin MacKay believes her 17-year marriage to explorer, Alex MacKay, is strong—until sudden fame makes him announce their frontier marriage is void in Montréal where he now goes to choose a society wife—not one with native blood. Taking their son, MacKay sends Marguerite and their three daughters to a trading post where she lived as a child. Deeply shamed, she arrives in time to assist young visiting Doctor John McLoughlin with a medical emergency.

Marguerite now lives only for her girls. When Fort William on Lake Superior opens a school, Marguerite moves there for her daughters’ sake. Newly assigned there, Doctor McLoughlin’s friendship with Marguerite grows. When he declares his love, she dissuades him from a match harmful to his career. She’s mixed blood and nine years older. He will have no one else. After abandonment, can a woman love again and fulfill the key role in North American History that is her destiny?

Book Takeaway:

Wilderness Wife is an intriguing story of strength, perseverance, and sustaining faith in a time of great challenge and change. Readers will be inspired by Marguerite’s devotion to family and God, and will root for her happily ever after.

Why the author wrote this book:

I grew up near Fort Vancouver which was a lifelong influence. We all knew much about founder, Dr. John McLoughlin. I researched his courageous, incredible half-native (formerly abandoned) wife and found solid gold.


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