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The Heart's Charge

By Karen Witemeyer


Mark Wallace and Jonah Brooks arrive in Llano County, Texas to deliver a horse, never expecting to deliver a baby as well. The two ex-cavalry officers carry the infant to a nearby foundling home where Mark comes face-to-face with the girl he'd nearly married a decade ago.

After rejecting the suit of the only boy she'd ever loved, Katherine Palmer dedicated her life to caring for children, teaming up with Eliza Southerland to start Harmony House.

Mulatto, illegitimate, and female, Eliza understands the pain of not fitting society's mold and longs to give children from all backgrounds a place to belong. The taciturn Jonah intrigues her with his courage and quiet kindness, but there are secrets behind his eyes.

When a handful of urchin children go missing, the Horsemen stay to investigate. Working together to find the children, will these two couples find love as well?


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