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Stephen Michaels and His Upside-Down Umbrella

By Lana Lynne


It’s 2017. Five years have passed since Stephen Michaels left the military. Nikki helps him set up a foundation to assist military families through art centers and a trial app to rescue Veterans with PTSD. God guides them each step of the way. They fall in love, marry, and move to Monterey for Nikki’s new job as an illustrator. Meanwhile, Stephen and an Army buddy work on the final version of his PTSD app.
One night in the midst of a dream, Stephen receives not only the name and design needed to complete the official launch, but also spiritual advice about what is to come.
Nikki Michaels adores her husband, but the past two years have held a bittersweet mixture of loss and hope. Now, his best friend is missing and Stephen has gone deep to find him. But what if he never returns? Why is life so upside-down? She’s not sure she can handle any more loss.

Book Takeaway:

Stephen and Nikki learn to surrender everything in this Upside-down world to the Lord. You can too!


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