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No Place Like Home

By Amy R. Anguish


Can love secure Adrian’s wandering heart?

Roots are overrated, at least to someone like Adrian Stewart, preacher’s kid, who has never lived anywhere longer than six years. That’s why her job with MidUSLogIn, Inc. is so perfect for her—lots of travel and staying nowhere long enough to have it feel like home. But when work takes her to Memphis, TN, closer to her family for the first time in years, and in the same small office as Grayson Roberts, she starts to question her job, her lack of home, and even her memories of her rocky past with the church

Gray is intrigued by Adrian from the moment he sees her, and he’s determined to get to the bottom of why this girl who loves old movies and hums when she works won’t go to church with him. As they grow closer, he wants more, too, but how can he convince her to stay in Memphis when she doesn’t believe in home—or God? Can he use his own broken past to break through hers?

Why the author wrote this book:

Being a preacher's kid isn't always easy. A lot of the struggles my character Adrian goes through in this story are my "What might have been" story. I could have let the struggles of my youth turn me away from my God and faith, but instead, I chose to cling to it even tighter. Adrian chose the opposite, and this story is my way of working through some things from my past as well as encouraging others who might be facing similar issues.


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