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DNA Secrets

By Diane E. Tatum


When Dorie and Ross MacAvoy return from their honeymoon in Scotland, much has changed. Police Captain Riley McDonough is dating Jenny Schaefer, the waitress at the Corner Café and server at the Doll House B&B for Dorie and Ross's wedding. Dorie starts her new job at Daelin Police Department as a Liaison Officer and researcher with Detectives Mavers and Akers. Ross starts a new job at the Chattahoochee Ranger Station with his new partner Felicity Johnson.
When a series of church burglaries begin in Daelin, Dorie is confounded by the lab results saying the burglary suspect is a pregnant familial relative. The only female relative she knows is her mom, who has no reason to burglarize churches in Georgia when she lives in St. Louis. What is going on? To complicate matters further, a red hatchback is seen fleeing one of the scenes and strikes and kills a young boy. The driver has a brown ponytail, like Jenny's.
What is the burglar looking for? Who drove the red hatchback? Is Jenny involved? How are they related to each other?

Book Takeaway:

Family is family, no matter where you find them, whether you share DNA or not, grow up with them, or choose them among your friends.

Why the author wrote this book:

To continue the story of Ross and Dorie as well as show the complications that secrets create in people's lives.


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