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Three Whistles Around the Bend

By Lana Lynne


In the autumn of 1878, the South prays for a frost to end the yellow fever epidemic. The railroads continue to expand, extinguishing the former glory of the steamboat era. Clem Henry and Amelia McCrary meet on a train. Amelia and her cousin are refugees, running from the yellow fever. Clem is a special sketch artist and writer for the newspapers. There’s something familiar about each of them, but they can’t grasp where they might have met. When unexpected circumstances take them to the small community of Resolution, their focus changes to their surroundings. There’s something unusual about the community. This detour could forever change their lives. Will they find life in the midst of death? Will they find love amid the fear? Will God send them something unexpected?


Year Title Description
2021 Firebird Book Award Winner Speak Up Talk Radio Christian Historical Fiction Romance


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