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The Adventures of Bo Jack

By Lana Lynne


From Chapter 2:
Nothing terrified Mama more than a storm. The familiar pattern of left step . . . hop . . . right step . . . hop . . . stumble took over Bo Jack’s feet as he struggled to keep up with her rapid pace across the field to his aunt’s storm cellar.
The first time he could recollect her waking him at the height of a storm, his heart hammered against his ribs in a mixture of fear and the thrill of adventure. He’d been many times before, but this time his five-year-old brain took in everything.
The wooden doors covering the deep and damp cellar looked huge. Mama struggled to open them in the downpour. A shadowy figure beside his uncle’s smokehouse caught his eye right before Mama pulled him into the depths of the dark cavern.
A young boy finds adventure growing up amidst the sorrows and turmoils of a family and country emerging from the Great Depression, into the Second World War, and beyond. Times are hard, but for Bo Jack, every day holds unexpected discoveries. What’s next? Join him.


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