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Whimsy Michaels and Her Amazing Room

By Lana Lynne


Somewhere between whimsical and real, between colored puzzle-pieced walls—which transformed beyond clockwork design and unmeasured time—sat a little girl.
Martha “Whimsy” Michaels baffles many who meet her, but she perplexes her brother Stephen most of all. Why can’t she be like his friends’ sisters? Theirs didn’t vanish from rooms or obsess on making art collages with everyone. He’d settle for normal little sister irritations over his any day. Still, she had something he couldn’t understand. Her friends did. She insisted he wasn’t ready. What was that supposed to mean?
Whimsy’s room holds treasure. Those who find it must lay down everything. Beyond the colorful walls, Spiritual battles rage. Those ready to step into the fray in absolute surrender must be ready. She always knows who is.
Travel from whimsical childhood to harsh adulthood with Stephen and Whimsy. Are you ready?


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