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A Compass of Stars in Your Eyes

By Lana Lynne


Mina Kolek is an independent-minded young woman in favor of early Women’s Suffrage views. Orphaned as a child, she grew up with her uncle in Colorado. Her travels with him to the mining camps and growing towns educated her on the harshness of life. The only girlish dream she retained throughout her childhood and college involved a young man her uncle met after a railroad tunnel explosion. The simple story Uncle Silas told never left her. Now she is trying to find the mysterious Jack Johnson and see if his life is everything she imagined. Only then can she decide the direction of her life. Should she hope to find a traditional home and love or live as an independent woman?
Jack Johnson has avoided coming home ever since his brother won their rivalry for Alice Cushman’s hand in marriage. Now he wants to come home. His years as a surveyor for the railroads have brought him everything but what matters the most. But will his family welcome him? Can he find love again? Can he find home again?


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