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Sunbeams at Twilight

By Lana Lynne


Lieutenant Edward Rigby couldn’t deny the echo of his best friend’s life as he traveled to Washington D.C. Others might consider his arrival a long delayed homecoming, but home is an illusion to him. The haze of events from the telegram bringing him to his friend’s deathbed in 1869 seemed surreal. He could still see Hallie kneeling in the snow beside his friend’s grave. It’s now1874 and time to move forward. He must reconcile with his sister first. Then, there are promises he must keep.

Hallie Price Hawkins still felt and heard James everywhere. She smiled thinking of the achievements of the women taking refuge in the shelter of Hallie’s House. James named the home for her due to her past situation as a woman with few choices and because of her present accomplishments. Hallie treasured becoming his wife the most. Losing him still devastated her heart. She had almost kept all the final promises she made to him. Once she finished the official nursing program in Boston, only one promised remained.

Lana Lynne reunites readers with beloved characters from her novels (Home Always Beckons ) (Trails of Change) and introduces an array of intricate new ones. This novel is a true tapestry of lives joined by the common thread of the life of James Hawkins woven throughout each.


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