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Home Always Beckons

By Lana Lynne


Marcus Johnson and John Wilkins marched from Rockport, Arkansas to aid in resolving the war that divided the nation. Many friends and family members fought beside them. Some returned home, spent and broken. Others remained where they had fallen, leaving only memories for their families.
John and Marc had decided not to make the return journey for a time. Instead, they had found solace in work with Texas cattlemen—until now. It’s time to go home.
The devastation they discover in their home state further deepens the waters of guilt that engulf them. The Civil War reached the doors of the family and friends they had left behind. Anger, forgiveness, betrayal, and love are waiting for them.
Faces and names echo from the trees and farms. But when John and Marc discover romance in the surprising love of two sisters, a new sunrise dawns.


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