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Sweet Rivalry

By Terri L. Gillespie


It began as an ordinary morning for Sarah Sweeting—watching her favorite baking show, Cupcake Rivalry while getting ready for work at her Granny’s small-town bakery. All that changed when Sarah spots a contestant who looks like her, sounds like her, moves like her.

Was this her twin sister? The twin her mother ran away with twenty years ago? Were hers and Granny’s prayers finally being answered?

When Granny confirms Sarah’s shocking discovery, Granny suffers a heart attack.

Raven Souwers’ morning began at a frenzied pace—incessant ringing phones and a Beverly Hills’ bakery full of customers. All because everyone wants to catch a glimpse of the Cupcake Rivalry contestants—Raven and her best friend, Will Durning.

But a phone call from an excited woman who claims to be Raven’s long-lost sister—a sister Raven has no memory of—informs Raven that a grandmother she never knew was in the hospital.

The call changes the course of Raven’s life and brings up the pain she thought she’d overcome.

Will Sarah and Raven finally be united, or will other rivalries separate them again?

Book Takeaway:

It is possible to find family, we just have to look.


Year Title Description
2019 Phoenix Rattler Writing Contest Category Winner--Contemporary Fiction

Why the author wrote this book:

Those long-lost family members' reality shows. I'm hooked on them. Then I wondered, what happens after the camera crews pack up? How do these family members adjust to being in each others' lives? What if they have different life experiences that cause so much conflict restoring the family seems impossible?


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