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Uncharted Courage

By Keely Brooke Keith


When Bailey accepts John Colburn’s offer for her to visit Good Springs, she leaves the Inn at Falls Creek expecting to spend the autumn relaxing in her favorite seaside village. Upon her arrival, Connor asks her to cover a shift of guard duty on the equinox, and her quiet vacation takes a shocking turn.

Revel Roberts works hard to keep his life commitment-free, making it easy to leave community decisions to men like Connor and John. But when the Land is threatened, Revel sees his chance to prove he is a man worthy of Bailey’s love. Amid the chaos in Good Springs, his unrequited feelings for her preoccupy him. One wrong choice could ruin everything.

As Bailey’s new life in the Land unravels and threats from the outside world loom, a yearning she can’t define surges within her. It distracts her from defending the hidden world she loves, and a tragedy reinforces her need for independence.

With the survival of the Land at stake and their hearts on the line, Bailey and Revel will need more courage than fighting ever required. They will need to find the courage to love.

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes what God is doing and how He is working is clear to us, sometimes it's not, but we must always trust Him.

Why the author wrote this book:

I simply wanted to take what I loved about several genres and use those elements in an original story. My goal was to use the relationships in the books to exhibit the life of God being lived out in physical circumstances. My inspiration for this series came from Ephesians 1:3-14 and the glorious spiritual blessings outlined therein. The first book, The Land Uncharted, explores the theme of God's sovereignty ("in love He predestined us..."). The second book, Uncharted Redemption, explores the theme of our redemption in Christ ("in Him we have redemption..."). And the third book, Uncharted Inheritance, explores the theme of our inheritance in Him ("In Him we have obtained an inheritance..."). While Christians will recognize the spiritual content, the scripture references in the story, and the Christian behavior of the characters, no characters come to faith in the stories or use faith to overcome obstacles.


"I always look forward to the next installment in the Uncharted series, and author Keely Brooke Keith has written another winner."
- Linda on November 02, 2021

"This author continues to surprise me with her twists and turns as she writes a genre that combined adventure, historical fiction and SciFI. The New Land once again is in turmoil as outsiders are able"
- Cindi on October 24, 2021

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