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Christmas Tree Wars

By Delores Topliff


Kris Lundquist, am ambitious New York City financial planner, comes home to Wisconsin for two weeks to help his Swedish-American Christmas tree grower dad meet a financial crisis. While there, he gets re-acquainted with Marcie Halvorsen, the idealistic forestry-major niece of their cranky Norwegian neighbor who is also home to solve a financial shortfall. Both enter contests to provide national Christmas tree to build their businesses and sales. Despite their relationship seeming as star-crossed as Romeo and Juliet’s, they fall in love and help their families and town rediscover the reason for the season.

Book Takeaway:

Halvor Halvorsen will recover his Norwegian forefathers' land if it kills him--and it almost does. He's forced to receive help from church folk and even "enemies." That and romance between his niece and pesky neighbor's son changes his heart and the town as they're all reminded of the reason for the season.

Why the author wrote this book:

Driving past a Midwest Christmas tree farm the whole story kernel dropped into my mind—hardship, competition, conflict, romance, resolution, reconciliation, and humor. This has been a fun book to write.


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