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Heart of a Cowboy

By Margaret Daley


Ten years ago Jordan Masterson left her hometown heartbroken—and pregnant. Now, yearning for connection with her family, the single mother returns to Tallgrass, Oklahoma. But she's shocked to find her son's father—unaware he has a child—a vital part of the community. Zachary Rutgers owns the ranch that the local homeschoolers use for riding and recreation. Which means little Nicholas, Jordan and Zachary will be spending a lot of time together. Jordan must tell Zachary the truth about their son—and ask for answers herself. Hoping the heart of her cowboy will still be hers for the taking.

Book Takeaway:

Can Jordan Masterson change Zachary Rutgers' mind about marriage and family for the sake of their son?

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to explore different reasons why parents homeschool their children.


"This is such a good book, it is about a young woman that had a baby when she was nineteen and never told the guy, Now ten years later she moves back to her home town and encounters him."
- Edna on July 02, 2010

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