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The Tiger's Eye, Angels in Mumbai

By Scott B. Delaney


Four years after the events that took place in Delaney's first book, 'The Shaft', the Global Calling organization is now making a dynamic impact across India. As they host the largest ministry event in their history, with over one hundred thousand worshipers in a crowded Mumbai cricket stadium, a radical anti-Christian militia (Indian Liberation Resistance Organization) orchestrates a brutal terrorist attack. This profoundly evil organization spares nothing it in its attempt to stop the ministry; killing, maiming, and abducting many of its leaders. When angels visit one of the terrorists responsible for the carnage in Mumbai, his guilty conscience and newfound faith force him to turn against his former terrorist cell. This change of allegiance leads to his recruitment as a double agent for Indian law enforcement, ultimately bringing justice to those responsible for these deadly attacks. Spiritual warfare rages as angels and demons engage in this epic battle of good and evil.

Book Takeaway:

No matter what this world throws at us as Christians, God is ultimately in control. We must maintain our strong faith and commitment to his plan, no matter the circumstances where we might find ourselves.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to take the 'spiritual warfare' baton from one of my favorite authors during the late 80s and early 90s, Frank Peretti, bringing this type of message thirty years into the future while creating action-packed, Christian-themed fiction. I hope that my writing challenges believers with respect to our calling as children of God, while at the same time, causing us to reflect on our beliefs regarding angels and demons and their work within the context of our world.


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