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High-Stakes Inheritance

By Susan Sleeman


Despite the threatening warning, Mia Blackburn won't let anyone scare her from the rustic resort she inherits from her beloved uncle. But when a fire traps her in a burning barn, she fears that she won't get out alive. Just in time her ex-boyfriend volunteer firefighter Ryan Morgan rescues her from the deadly blaze. He had once broken her heart, yet she still has feelings for him. With Ryan insisting on keeping a close eye on her, Mia feels safer-and closer to Ryan than ever before. Yet the threats haven't stopped, and soon Mia's high-stakes inheritance includes a murder and Mia could be the next victim.

Book Takeaway:

Trusting in the Lord is easy to say but hard to do. This book will help the reader think about how they face challenges and problems.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book to share through the characters that no matter the problem, when we trust in the Lord and don’t try to take things into our own hands, He has a far richer and more rewarding life planned for us than we could ever dream on our own.


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