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Fugitive of Faith

By David Mathews


What happens when speaking the truth becomes illegal?

That is the question Pastor Pete Holloway faces when California implements the Hate Speech Reparation and Elimination Act. When the San Francisco pastor is threatened with fines, reeducation, and incarceration for violating the state's new hate speech law, he chooses to flee. But from what? Truth? Responsibility? God? Or his own sin?

As he struggles to remain one step ahead of the law, Pete is forced to confront his options. Should he join the resistance and fight back, remain on the run until the Draconian law can be overturned, or should he return to take his stand and face the consequences? As he wrestles with his conscience, he discovers things hidden deep in his heart which must be addressed before he can find resolution and peace.

Is he courageous enough to confront them, or has his journey been in vain?

Book Takeaway:

“What happens when speaking the truth becomes illegal?” That is a question we may all have to answer in the near future. The erosion of our First Amendment rights and religious freedoms is well under way, along with the cancel-culture push to label as "hate speech" all narratives that do not fit the leftist/socialist agenda. I firmly believe that it is the Christians and political conservatives who are being called upon to make a positive difference in our country by praying, living out our faith, and making our voices heard whenever and wherever possible. The time is short. But it is not only what we do, it is how we do it that matters. As the Apostle Paul stated, we are to "run the race in such a way as to win the prize."

My prayer is that God will use Fugitive of Faith to challenge believers to remain faithful to their Lord and Savior in the face of persecution with a strength and grace that only He can supply. I hope the reader comes away with the conviction that the faithful child of God should always seek to obey the authorities, for they are appointed by God. But, when their laws contradict the commands and principles of Scripture, we are obligated to obey God rather than men. HOW we go about fulfilling that command is key to being a faithful witness and testimony for our Lord.

Why the author wrote this book:

I felt compelled to write Fugitive of Faith to not only engage the reader by exploring where we are in our post-modern society but also to address the options we have when confronted with bad legislation aimed at silencing the voices of truth. How should we respond? Do we fight back, and if so, how? Do we surrender peacefully, kneeling to the gods of conformity, unity, and inclusivity? Or dare we stand firmly for the truth, come what may?


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