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A Night Divine

By Dawn Kinzer


Despite her success, model Camryn Tate longs for something more. She’s lived a life of privilege, lacking for nothing, so why can’t she be content?

As an outreach minister for an inner-city church, Trace Gardner serves the homeless in Seattle. Although the work is rewarding, he envisions providing life-changing opportunities for the destitute. One problem stands in his way—raising the funds needed for renovations on a building that will house new programs.

One chilly December night, a tragedy connects Camryn and Trace, and the devastating experience spurs her into volunteering with his team. As they share a common mission, they provide more than food—they offer hope. But as Christmas Eve approaches and the two grow closer, secrets have the potential to break someone’s heart.

Book Takeaway:

We're reminded that God asks us to love and serve the poor and others who are not able to take care of themselves. We often need to forgive others many times over, just as God forgives us. God has a special purpose for our lives, even if it takes us a while to discover it.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book as a sequel to my full-length romance, By All Appearances. Readers wanted more of the characters from that story, and I wanted to redeem one of them in this novella. I also wanted to focus on the homeless population in Seattle and the help that is offered through ministry.


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