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Royally Confused

By Jill Boyce


Will this doctor trade in her stethoscope for a tiara?

Isn’t it every girl’s dream to become a princess? Nope, not Claire Thomson’s. Claire, an orthopedic surgeon, enjoys the rigors of academic medicine, surgery, and research. Her dream of landing a spot at Halford College in Boston, Massachusetts, seems so close. As the top academic center in the nation, Claire has always wanted to work there. It lies a few miles from her sole living relative and best friend—her Granny, Margaret Thomson.
Not everyone at Evercliffe Castle appears happy to meet Claire. She learns her father remarried a woman named Maurelle, Claire’s stepmother. Queen Maurelle seems to take an instant dislike to Claire’s presence and her furry friend and would love to see her son seated on the throne. How far will she get what she wants?

Meanwhile, Claire meets a handsome man, Ethan Kane, whose family owns land and real estate in Amorley. Ethan’s family wants him to marry for money and position, planning for him to one day marry Abigail Fulton, the Head of Parliament’s daughter. Ethan wonders why his father would find such displeasure in Ethan’s attachment to the potential future Queen of Amorley. What secret does his father keep from the past? Will Ethan choose love or money?

Claire must decide by the night of the Royal Gala if she will accept her place on the throne as the Queen of Amorley--even if she might have to give up medicine or love to do so. Will she return to Boston and pursue her passion for surgery and turn her back on her newfound family, country, and the love of a lifetime? Will Claire trade in her stethoscope for a tiara? Does light overcome darkness? Can Claire learn that her worth does not reside in what she does, but who she is--the daughter of her heavenly Father and part of a royal priesthood.

Book Takeaway:

Light overcomes darkness and our worth lies in who we are in Christ.


Year Title Description
2022 Selah Award Finalist Contemporary Romance
2021 Firebird Book Award Romantic Comedy First Place

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this because I love fish out of water tropes and royal romances!


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