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The Egyptian Princess: A Story of Hagar

By KD Holmberg


In the opulent court of Egypt's tenth dynasty, Princess Hagar has always known her destiny. One day, she will marry Crown Prince Merikare and become the Great Royal Wife, the most powerful woman in Egypt. But dark dreams afflict Hagar the moment she hears of the latest addition to Pharoh's harem: the stunning, iridescent Sumerian, Sarai. Princess Hagar feels a powerful presence around the Sumerian woman. She suspects Sarai has brought black magic into the palace--but what can she do to convince Pharaoh?
The intrigue of Pharaoh's court pales in comparison to that swirling in the Royal House of Women among the wives, children, and concubines of the king. Loyalties divide, and betrayal, jealousy, and tragedy plague the once peaceful household. When a series of disasters befalls Egypt, Hagar must make a daring decision, and the stakes could not be higher. She could lose everything--her position, her power, her family, and even her life.
Torn between the silent gods of Egypt and the powerful presence that surrounds Sarai, Hagar's world falls apart around her. She must acknowledge the terrible price of truth, and decide for herself who she will serve.

Book Takeaway:

The Egyptian Princess is the captivating reclaiming of Hagar's story, which historically has been overshadowed by her infamous marriage to Abraham, patriarch of the first Hebrew tribe.

Why the author wrote this book:

I discovered Hagar in a Bible study almost fifteen years ago. I wanted to know more about the woman God met with twice, and who mothered the Arab nation. When I read about the Hebrew and Arab tradition of her being a princess before becoming Sarah's handmaid, I took a deep dive into what is known about this remarkable woman and decided I had to reclaim her story.


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