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Christmas on the High Seas

By Diane E. Yates


Halley is going on a Christmas cruise with Candace, but when she boards the ship and opens her door, all hopes of a merry cruise evaporate. Candace has sold her ticket to Devon, the mean-spirited bully who took pleasure in tormenting Halley in high school. Now she must share the same room, attend the same excursions, and eat at the same table with the one man she never wanted to see again. This Christmas, join the cruise where enmity meets forgiveness and hatred falls for love.

Book Takeaway:

Anyone can love those who are loveable, but when we love those who don't deserve it, we allow God to change us and possibly them, too.

Why the author wrote this book:

When Covid hit the USA, everything shutdown and life as we knew it changed. With the cruise ships grounded, I wanted to write a Christmas story of fun and travel to exciting destinations.


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