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Impossible Fate

By Diane E. Yates


As the Drake family story continues, David Drake falls in love with his childhood best friend, Aliyah Zimmerman, but theirs is an impossible love. They seek to find ways to be together, although her parents forbid their friendship. In middle school, their hearts are shattered when Mr. Zimmerman moves Aliyah and the family to the other side of the world. David and Aliyah lose all connection until college, but by then David is dating someone else. Is their love still strong? Can David bridge the gap between his Christianity and Aliyah’s Jewish faith in time to save their relationship and prevent her impending marriage or is theirs an impossible fate?

Book Takeaway:

The innocence of pure love is worth fighting for even when things seem impossible to man. With God all things are possible, if we trust and wait upon Him.

Why the author wrote this book:

My husband and I visited Israel in 2019 and it changed my life in ways I can't understand or explain. It is a mysterious land where you can feel the presence of a miraculous God who works in mysterious ways. This is the second book of a series, and when I wrote my heroine into existence, the next thing I knew, this young girl was Jewish! On 9/11/2001, a day of terror for the U.S., Phil and Beth Drake's son, seven-year-old David, met his soulmate, making this day also about new beginnings and hope. David and Aliyah fall into friendship that leads to love, but they'll need a miracle from God. I love the Drake family and how each one allows God to help them overcome tremendous obstacles.


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