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Finally Home

By Jennifer Crosswhite


He’s not who she thinks he is. But he might be the hero she needs.

The son of a wealthy banker, Hank Paulson poses as a lumberjack to carve out his own identity. But in a stagecoach robbery gone wrong, he meets Amelia Martin, a soon-to-be schoolteacher with a vivid imagination, a gift for making things grow, and an obsession with dime novels.

As the town is threatened by a past enemy, Hank might just be the hero they all need. Can he help without revealing who he is? And will Amelia love him when she learns the truth?

Book Takeaway:

We all want to be loved and accepted for who we truly are.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to explore the idea of what our imaginations can do. Amelia loves the story worlds created by her novels. But does that influence how she views reality? When Hank isn't the hero she expects, can she see him for the man he is?


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