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The Christmas Visitor

By Amy Grochowski


Every so often, first love lasts a lifetime—and what seems impossible is made possible with God.

Mattie Beller is confident God’s plan for her life does not include marriage—ever. Her poor health has kept her an outsider, even in her close-knit Amish community. But when a visitor comes to the New Hope church district for the Christmas season, Mattie’s ideas about her future are turned upside down.

Amid a growing concern over her twin brother’s choices, even as her own heart tugs in two very different directions, Mattie learns that love comes in unexpected ways and can be a truly wonderful thing.

Book Takeaway:

Love comes in unexpected ways and can be a truly wonderful thing.

Why the author wrote this book:

In my work with the elderly during my nursing career, I never tired of the stories of long-standing marriages that began with love at first sight. To me, a Christmas novella was the perfect stage for beautiful tale of sweet young love. The full-length novels in the Amish Dreams on Prince Edward Island series have some weightier themes, but The Christmas Visitor is all pure young romance.


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