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Daniel: Prophet at the King's Command

By Terry Thompson


Daniel was just a teenager when he was taken captive by the Babylonians,
never to see his family again. As Daniel and his friends strive to make
the best of their unusual circumstances-—slaves in the king’s court—they
also fight to honor their vows to the one true God amidst a people who
worship only false gods. During his lifetime, Daniel saw the fulfillment
of God’s promises, prophesied of the Israelites future as well as ours,
and led pagan kings to God. From slave to the highest position in the
king’s court, Daniel shows how God can use an ordinary person to do
extraordinary things.

Book Takeaway:

God can do incredible things with common people through His miraculous power. With dependence on God, regardless of the circumstances, anyone can live a life that makes a difference to millions of people.

Why the author wrote this book:

After teaching a Bible study on Daniel to a large church group, I realized just how much Daniel's story could mean to other people. Since the Bible tells only of an abbreviated part of Daniel's life, I decided to do some thorough research into the life and times of Daniel's sixth century. Then I developed this fictional, but highly plausible, story of what Daniel's life was probably like. It was also an opportunity for more public awareness of prophecies that impact our present day life.


""Terry Thompson has written a truly unique historical novel that is not only an entertaining and gripping work of fiction but is also very enlightening and inspirational. Loved it!!"
- Dave on March 11, 2021

"An exciting & enlightening story of Daniel’s life of unwavering faithfulness & steadfast obedience to Yahweh through extraordinary circumstances. Its a "must read"!!"
- Mary on February 14, 2021

"What a timely and insightful book, considering the times in which we are living. A great read, either to enhance your knowledge or just for pleasure."
- Russell on February 10, 2021

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