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Redeeming Christmas

By Carol James


Novelist Olivia St. Madeleine is intrigued by a handsome and mysterious stranger she sees when she's Christmas shopping. Who exactly is he, and what is his story?

Gabriel Winter definitely has a story. One he's been running from for years. He's renovating a house next door to a friendly and persuasive grandmother, who is, unbeknownst to him, Olivia's Nana.

Through Nana's insistence, Liv helps Gabe wallpaper and paint, and in return Gabe fulfills one of Liv's secret childhood dreams.

But past hurts and secrets threaten to drive them apart rather than draw them together.

Will they find the courage to share their secrets with each other and with God, and allow Him to redeem Christmas?

Book Takeaway:

Nothing is too hard for God.

Why the author wrote this book:

One of my grandchildren was hospitalized for an emergency surgery. From this situation, watching the dedication of the hospital staff and volunteers, the idea for Redeeming Christmas was born.


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