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Mary's Christmas Surprise

By Carol James


Mary Sherman's Christmas is nothing like she's planned. Her fiancé has called off the engagement just days before Christmas, and her parents have gone on an anniversary cruise around the world.
Suddenly alone for the holidays, Mary returns to the comfort of her childhood home to spend Christmas in her parents' empty house. There's only one problem. The house is not empty. Unbeknownst to Mary, her parents have taken in a boarder, a handsome carpenter named Jake Wolesky.

Mary's Christmas surprise may make this the best holiday ever.

Book Takeaway:

Our worth is determined by God alone, not by man.

Why the author wrote this book:

The title, Mary’s Christmas Surprise, began as a play on words. Merry Christmas and Mary’s Christmas. But quickly into the plotting, I knew I wanted Mary Sherman to play Mary in a live nativity. And since the story begins with a big surprise, it seemed like the perfect title.


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