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In the Dead of the Night

By JP Robinson


Darkness gathers in the final days of the Great War as the Germans plot to unleash a weapon that will plunge the Allied world into obscurity.

For the Steele family, the stakes have never been higher.

Leila is forced back into the shadows when the leader of a German spy ring kidnaps her child, jeopardizing Europe’s fragile bid for peace.

Meanwhile, Malcolm fights to keep Northshire Estate as his father stands trial for treason against the British empire.

Confronted with overwhelming circumstances from their past, the Steeles must rely on their grit and faith to conquer the night.

But will it be enough?

Book Takeaway:

In the dead of the night, we are the sparks of light that defy the darkness. As long as our faith endures, we will shine on. No matter what tomorrow brings.

Why the author wrote this book:

While the circumstances of the modern world may differ from the WW1 era, at the root of it all is the battle between faith and doubt. This novel is my reply.


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