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Hearts on the Road

By Diana Lesire Brandmeyer


Will Randi find love on the open road?

Abandoned, betrayed, and feeling forsaken by God, ruck driver Randi Davies crisscrosses Wyoming with a broken heart, vowing never to love another man. Suddenly Matthew Carter, a pastor in search of a mobile ministry, is thrust int her life and into her cab. And there's nothing she can do about it.

Matthew sees the seedier side of trucking every day, and he feels a pull toward the people there--a definite call to minister to them.
But getting this ministry established is proving more difficult than he imagined.

Soon Randi and Matthew find themselves at cross-purposes. His life on the road has jut begun. Her eight-year-old-niece needs a parent to come home every day. Will this be the end of the road for Randi and Matthew's romance?

Why the author wrote this book:

I love trucks. The fascinate me and as we travel I'm always wondering about the lives of the women and men who drive them.


"This is a great story of God's healing power over hurt and mistrust."
- Holly on December 06, 2009

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