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Moments We Forget

By Beth K Vogt


Jillian Thatcher has spent most of her life playing the family peacemaker, caught
in the middle between her driven, talented older sister and her younger,
spotlight-stealing twin sisters. Then on the night of her engagement party, a
cancer diagnosis threatens to once again steal her chance to shine.
Now, Jillian’s on the road to recovery after finally finishing chemo and radiation, but residual effects of the treatment keep her from reclaiming her life as she’d hoped. And just when her dreams might be falling into place, a life-altering revelation from her husband sends her reeling again.
Will Jillian ever achieve her own dreams, or will she always be “just Jillian,” the less-than Thatcher sister? Can she count on her sisters as she tries to step into a stronger place, or are they stuck in their childhood roles forever?

Why the author wrote this book:

I love delving into the complicated dynamics between sisters.


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