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For the Love of Emma

By Starr Ayers


When Caroline Myers discovers a box of letters in her deceased mother's trunk, she's captivated by the romance that unfolds between her mother, Emma Rose Walsh, a nineteen-year-old waitress, and Noah Anderson, a handsome young soldier.

Determined to read between the lines, Caroline and her sister, Kate, set out on a search that leads them to the North Carolina foothills and the padlocked gate of the Anderson family cemetery. Will the one who holds the key keep them from unearthing long-buried secrets and fulfilling a request their mother tucked inside the box sixty-four years earlier? Will they find closure-or encounter a surprising revelation that plunges them deeper into the past?

Book Takeaway:

Hopefully, the book will inspire others to be open and honest with those they love so as not to live in regret.


Year Title Description
2018 BRMCWC Unpublished Contemporary Women 1st Place
2018 Write to Publish Unpublished Contemporary Women 2nd Place
2016 Blue Ridge Novelist Conference Best First Sentence, Best First Paragraph, Best First Page

Why the author wrote this book:

After finding letters in my deceased mother’s trunk, I was captivated by the romance that unfolded between my mother, a nineteen-year-old waitress at the Rainbow Restaurant in Fayetteville, NC and a young soldier from Fort Bragg. I realized the seeds of a fascinating book begged to be unearthed. Although I had never thought if writing fiction, I was compelled to learn the craft. After 5+ years God’s vision for me has become a reality, and I’m grateful for this fascinating journey.


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