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The Laughing Place

By Karen Rees


Connecticut, 1868. To escape an unwanted marriage after her doctor father's death, Nathalie Rutledge accepts an invitation from her hitherto unknown great aunt to visit her at the ancestral home in Bristol, England.

When Nathalie travels there on a ship captained by Andrew, her newly discovered distant cousin, love begins to grow. But after she arrives and finds he and his family are filled with secrets and riddled with conflict, will that love survive?

Then a shocking 40-year-old secret is uncovered. Only as the sins of the past are revealed can the sins of the present be confronted and Nathalie learn whether she has given her heart to the right man.

Why the author wrote this book:

I like historical fiction with romance and mystery, especially when the story includes a religious or moral aspect. So I wrote a novel containing all of these elements.


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