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Injustice for All (A Seeking Justice Novel)

By C.C. Warrens


"I should have tried harder."
Those final words are scrawled across a note that’s been pinned to a man's remains.

Pulled to a crime scene in the middle of the night, Detective Marx struggles to unravel the mystery behind a message written by the victim. A suicide note . . . or an admission of guilt? Before he can discover the truth, what seems to be a random act of violence becomes something much darker and far more dangerous.

Another note. Another body.

With very little evidence and even less time, Detective Marx searches for the common thread between the victims before another innocent dies, but his efforts might put him directly in the killer’s path.


Note: Injustice for All is a spin-off from the Holly Novels, but it can be read as a standalone book. If you're wondering where this book falls in relation to the Holly Novels, here's the timeline: Criss Cross, Winter Memorial, Cross Fire, Crossed Off, Injustice for All.


"Having read the Holly books I was looking forward to the next book in the series. CC Warrens doesn't disappoint. The story is good, the characters have depth and there is always a message of hope. Even when it seems hope is gone." -- Amazon Reviewer

"Grab a hot drink of your choice and get ready to settle in until you finish this book. Again we meet up with Holly and Marx as he has to solve murder before they get too close to home. I love Ms. Warrens's books, they are great. The banter between the characters and the emotions make you feel everything as if you were right there." -- Amazon Reviewer


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