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Lessons Learned in Love

By Milla Holt


The boss’s daughter is off-limits. Especially when she steals the job that should have been his.

Vanya has never measured up to her parents’ demanding standards. After a crushing humiliation at her last job, she jumps at the chance to prove herself when her father entrusts her with a leadership role in his company.

Tendo has had nothing handed to him on a silver platter. The son of a refugee, he’s had to claw his way up every rung of the career ladder. Then the CEO’s daughter swoops in to take the job that should have been his. Tendo wants to resent the pampered princess, making his growing attraction unexpected—and entirely unwelcome.

Vanya feels grossly unqualified to manage the brilliant and ambitious Tendo, especially when she realizes that she’s beginning to admire him for a lot more than his professional qualities. And although he knows he’s falling hard and fast, Tendo is proud of being a self-made man. A relationship with the boss’s daughter is exactly the sort of special treatment he despises.

But as Vanya’s and Tendo’s worlds collide, they discover the power of honesty, grace, and trust—and the possibilities of a future built together.

Dive into this Christian inspirational romance today.

Book Takeaway:

Don’t buy into the opinions of people who despise you. Entitlement, privilege, and merit cut many different ways.

Why the author wrote this book:

I remember what it felt like to struggle with a high profile job, and imagined the incredible pressure on a person who has a lot of hostile eyes on them, willing and expecting them to fail. I felt it would be interesting to dig into that and contrast it with a person who’s not had a lot of breaks in life and finds somebody getting ahead of him just because she’s the boss’s daughter. I wanted to explore about issues of entitlement, privilege, merit, and prejudice that works both ways.


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