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A Simple Amish Christmas

By Vannetta Chapman


Annie Weaver longs to once again experience A Simple Amish Christmas. She no longer lives in Mifflin County though. She works in an Englisch hospital—far from her family, far from her friends, far from the community that nurtured her. It’s the first of December, and Christmas season has begun among the Englisch, bringing for Annie an over-whelming sense of loneliness.

That loneliness and Annie's rumschpringe years come to a screeching halt when she receives a call that an Englisch driver has collided with her father's buggy. She hurries home to nurse her daed, and finds herself face to face with Samuel Yoder--the Amish famer her community turns to for most of their medical needs.

Samuel believes he has recovered from the loss of his wife and child in a snowstorm eight years before. Then Annie Weaver upsets his world again--with her youth, energy, and passion for healing.

Annie spends the next month in Mifflin County, nursing when she can, helping her family, and slowly falling in love with Samuel. Christmas day brings Samuel a glimpse of the family he could have. It's a sacred day--a holy celebration that will remind Samuel and Annie of God's promises. Annie will also have several important choices to make, and the most important one will be made Christmas morning.

Book Takeaway:

Learning to trust God's grace.

Why the author wrote this book:

To refocus all of us on the joys and simplicity of Christmas.


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