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Where She Belongs

By Pamela Harstad


Leilani Hudson remains loyal to her homeland of Maui, despite her personal struggles and the occurrence of recent, suspicious incidents. When she moves next door to security guard Jess Park, she finds the acceptance, love and trust she’s never had, just when Jess may need to leave Maui. Jess’s life is thrown into turmoil when an event from his past greatly affects his life and their relationship.

The unusual episodes at Lei’s home turn threatening for her and others close to her as she strives to find who is responsible, while Jess helps to solve the case, comes to terms with his past and makes life altering decisions.

Will Lei ever find where she truly belongs in life? Can Jess and Lei make the sacrifices necessary to live out God’s will for their lives?

Book Takeaway:

Set in Hawaii, WHERE SHE BELONGS includes universal themes of trust, loss, healing, and faith relatable to readers, but also takes a look at the issues of family separation, acceptance harassment and greed in today’s world.

Why the author wrote this book:

For those who have struggled for acceptance and a sense of belonging.


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